Protecting your WordPress Blog from Attacks

WordPress is a very popular and widely used CMS. According to some stats, it is used by almost 20% of the web sites currently live. But, this popularity also makes it a very targeted by the bad guys.

And CloudProxy (our website firewall) fully supports WordPress and was designed to work with any WordPress plugin that you might have enabled.

Common Threats against WordPress

The first step when trying to protect something, is to understand how it can be compromised. What are you protecting it against? So to help visualize, these are the most common threats we see against WordPress sites:

  1. Brute force attacks against /wp-admin (trying to guess your passwords).
  2. DDOS (denial of service) attacks against WordPress (trying to take down your site).
  3. Comment Spam
  4. Attacking vulnerabilities on plugins, themes or even on WordPress core.
  5. Attacking incorrect configuration settings that may leave your site vulnerable.
  6. Leveraging vulnerabilities to distribute malware via your site.
  7. Leveraging successful attacks to distribute SPAM via your site.

And these are just some of the threats. So what can you do to protect against them? On our blog, we offer multiple suggestions, from restricting access to wp-admin only to authorized IP address (via .htaccess), to patching your sites, running multiple security plugins and a big list of 20 steps that you can take to harden your site.

Protecting your site with CloudProxy

However, more often than not, that's not enough. There might be a new attack that you didn't know about or even a DDOS against your site that no set of hardening or server-level security can prevent.

That's why we developed CloudProxy to help our clients have their sites safe and secured. It is very easy to get started and doesn't require anything to be installed on your end. All you have to do is switch your DNS to us and we will do all these steps for you. We will harden, patch, protect and stop any attacks before they can even reach your server.

Interested? Read more on how to get your site protected in 5 minutes: Get Protected in 5 minutes

Or sign up for CloudProxy here: Sign up for CloudProxy.

Note: If you find this complicated or if you are not very technical, our team can get it configured for you. Just sign up and open a support ticket and we will do the rest.