Stop a DDOS against your site now!

Do you think your site can handle 2x the traffic that it receives now? What about 10 times the traffic? Or 100 times? Or even 100,000 times the traffic?

What if it all happens within a few minutes? A site that normally gets a few thousand visits per day, suddenly getting hundreds of thousands of visits per minute. Check out on this video to see what happens when your site is being attacked:

That's what a DDOS does to you. And these are not real users, but fake bots attacking your site until it goes down. This graph illustrate this issue on a client web site:

They used to receive a few thousand visitors per day, and suddenly got almost 5,000,000 over the course of an hour. His site would have gone down if it wasn't for the proper DDOS protection.

And unfortunately, we are seeing it more often every day. That's why we built CloudProxy to protect our clients against DDOS or any other security attacks. I highly recommend reading some of our recently blog posts about DDOS to learn more about them:


And if you are interested in DDOS protection, you can read more on how to get your site protected in 5 minutes: Get Protected in 5 minutes

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